Humans Are Scum!!!


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Lucy Licious
14th Apr 2016, 12:34 AM

I'm going to start being more fluid with what I do with this comic. Variable pages shapes is one of the ways I will do this.

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An interesting panel

Lyla Gunning
14th Apr 2016, 11:10 AM

Compliments: The green font you've used in this panel really stands out well against the brown/maroon background.
The olde-world/gothic font contrasts well with the rave-like vibe in the panel

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constructive criticism

Lyla Gunning
14th Apr 2016, 11:15 AM

It may have been good to include a text box somewhere on the page that said something like "at the unground gig techno music blared out".

It would also have been good to actually see the attackbots on stage performing.

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